Why dream of war?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
August 17, 2012
Why dream of war?

We all live in fantasy, dreams and dreams. But with each subsequent day, we increasingly think about the unknown. Dreams have a certain meaning, and we are constantly trying to solve it.

Why dream of war? Why is the war dreaming and does it have anything to do with us? Dream books say that all this is not just. War is connected with conflicts, quarrels and foreshadows troubles in life. If war dreamed of young people, then this is certainly a conflict with your friends. But the elderly expect the loss of relatives. War for women is an extremely unpleasant omen, in particular, disorder and discord in the family. In general, war is an extremely bad omen. It promises nothing but hunger, pestilence, hard times, troubles and grief. But do not be upset, dreams do not always come true. And it happens that the secrets of dreams lie much deeper than in the dream books, which means that not everyone understands its significance. In any case, we ourselves create our own destiny, and how it will be formed depends only on us.

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