Why dress in the deep forest?

And so, after this night, in the bedroom of which I invited to look HERE,
we went to one plotted place.
For many, many years with different companies going to get there. And all as.
A few years ago, we reached our SUV to the place where the footpath begins, but the downpour that started at night did not leave any chance not only for the hike, but had to turn on the amplifier and call the guys at the 4 * 4 club, because there was no mud to overcome.
First, I will repeat this view, which I showed in a previous post. We’re going down.

Rocks Monasteries are well known far beyond the Krasnodar Territory to climbers and climbers. Located on the northern slopes of the ridge. Kotsehur.

So, the morning was good and with pleasant meetings on the ridges.


This is a sympathetic, if suddenly he decided that he didn’t pay much attention, he began to hurt himself trying to chew the door and seal cover;)

On viewing we meet "excursions to the mountains." "Traced" the route. Yes, so go for a few hours cool. If never been.

The things that are popularly referred to as “balloons” are radar stations and belong to an aerospace agency.


And then, having passed obstacles and ambushes, we went on foot. Here's a delirious part of the way for our track.

Then into the forest, descents, ascents, descents, ascents .... Repeat several times;) If you believe the navigator, the elevation difference to 600m.


Do "soldiers" love;) Tell me, do you call them that too?;)

A lot of mushrooms, but all old



And here are the monasteries. Rock ridge. The highest rock reaches 50 meters

The first routes appeared on them in the late 60s. The names of the rocky routes are very cool - "Parus", "Grandfather", "Kiss", "Ships", "Garbage duct", "Toilet" ...


And then I got the dress;) and sprawled, some hare from "Alice in Wonderland";)
Of course, I know and practice. that when going out on a photo-hunt on birds the little animals should be dressed inconspicuously ... But this time there was an opposite effect. It seems to me that they have never seen anything like this here;))) All the wrestlers, and gray trousers. In general, a wild crested woodpecker flew in and almost hit my head, lizards came out, eyes wide and some birds hung from above, even if I could reach out ...
It's funny to feel funny;)

A few kilometers from the rocks there is a remote village "Novosadovy", although the village and not call it. Wikipedia gives 18 inhabitants. Which is about the truth.We decided to run and go there.
Through the waterfall, of course;)


And as I bathed, I will not show;)))




We got to the beautiful river and on the map was "the alpinists' shelter". I searched the Internet, I didn’t get any information right away, but apparently the base was in those times when athletes came to the rocks in the high season. Now, there is a new shelter nearby, but in extreme cases, if the weather is bad, you can put a handkerchief inside some houses.





And here is Novosadovy.

The village is difficult to access because of its remoteness from other settlements and the lack of any regular transport links. The nearest settlements that can be reached by public transport are the Novy settlement (Abinsk district) - 24 kilometers away, the village of Pshada (the resort town of Gelendzhik) - 20 kilometers away. Through the village passes a forest road leading from the village of Kholmskaya to the village of Pshada. To the village of Pshada the road goes along the river through numerous fords and during the flood it is impossible to drive along this road. 1.5 kilometers southeast of the village are the ruins of a former colony.

The settlement originated as a residential settlement of the attendants at the colony established in 1969.In 1986, the colony was liquidated, after which people who worked at the zone left the Novosadovoy and the settlement fell into disrepair. In the 90s, Dmitry Danilevich and his family settled in Novosadov now. And tourists and hunters stretched into his guest house. Now several families live in Novosadov.



We clarified the new road, so as not to return, and having made a small detour, go as if by a circular route back.
And hastily moved the boar and judging by the hare paths;)

When the sun got out on the ridge was setting

Lily and Thyme smelt unbearably


I invigorate and do not show the view that for more than eight hours I run in the mountains almost without stopping.

Another three or four kilometers and we are at the place of overnight.

On the road in the dirtiest and most terrible ambush in the middle of the road we meet a jeep. The guys are seriously prepared, but they broke the wheel, the winch and all the ropes. Already burning bonfire and preparing to sleep. We will not get to them, so we call for help from Gelendzhik, explaining how to first find us, and then them.
To the car back in the dark.

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