Why live in this world? And is it worth it?

Each person once asks himself the question: why live and why did I even come to this earth? The good news is that if you think about the meaning of further existence, then this is a sign of the fastest changes for the better! Do not believe? Then read our article.Why live

Why live?

Those who seriously thought about this issue, first you need to remember about their parents. What do you think, if they could answer you now, what kind of arguments would they be? Most likely, you would be reminded that you were born in love, you were very welcome, took care of you from misfortunes, were treated for diseases, taught worldly wisdom. You were born to please mom and dad (and enjoy yourself).

Why live: the opinion of esoteric

According to those who study the realms of the soul and spirit, a person comes to Earth to accomplish a certain work, but do not try to find out your purpose or calculate your mission. No matter how hard people try to do this, the work of man on Earth comes down to learning how to enjoy every moment.It turns out that it is this attitude towards life that changes fate, brings good luck and brings meaning to existence. Agree, when every moment your thoughts are busy experiencing the beauty of the life around, enjoying every second, every breath, aroma, sound, then do you have time to think about why live? Try one day to live in gratitude for everything you see. It will be very difficult, but if you stay in this state for 14 days, your life will change radically. One of my friends got a car as a gift after this practice! And what can be good with you?Why live on

Why live on?

You ask, what kind of whim is your strange joy to every flower and smell? And if it is the smell of manure and the weeds in my garden that I’m tired of pulling out? Am I crazy to smile for no reason, and even then, when everything goes awry? You are absolutely right, however, look at the joy and contentment of every second that you have on the other side. Remember the disabled, who can not walk from birth or can not see, speak. Remember grandparents who have already lost a lot of the features available to you.And imagine how grateful they would be for life if it would give them a chance to walk, see, think. Do you think that if they had a second chance to start everything all over again, would they rejoice at him, would they value their life more? You can even ask them about it. And you will learn that happiness and the meaning of existence are in small things, in every moment of a full life.Why should i live

Why should I live if someone died?

Sometimes we lose loved ones. These can be parents, brothers and sisters, friends, husbands, wives, children. At such moments it seems that there is no need to live. And you want to die with them. But while you are here, your time has not come yet, and the one who left has already started a new life, because you know that only the shell dies, the body, and the soul is immortal and comes to Earth again. What can be advised in this case? No need to restrain your pain and tears, throw out all of yourself and let go of the soul, otherwise, when the dead are very sad, his soul cannot leave, and this is fraught with disastrous problems in your life! The Bible says: "Leave the dead to bury the dead." The living must live with living people. There is one way that we have already remembered today: when you rejoice at every moment of communication with people around you, when you do not hold onto anyone for a long time and live with those you love, and not with thosewith whom it is convenient (better, more correct), then your existence makes sense.


Live as long as you have the opportunity. Enjoy every drop of rain, snowflake, gust of wind and the kiss of a dear person, because everything breaks off suddenly! In order not to regret later, appreciate what you have now. It is this attitude that brings meaning and success to life.

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