Windows is locked - just do not panic!

The growing Internet traffic has led to the fact that the message "Windows is blocked" appears often. Most users panic when this message appears. They make not quite the right decisions. As a result, the money was paid to an e-wallet or a mobile phone number for the alleged violation, and the result is still the same. In this situation, there are only two choices: remove the virus on your own or take the computer to a service center and pay a tidy sum for it. Both in the first and in the second case, the “Windows blocked” message will disappear, and which solution to choose depends on the user.

How did it happen

Windows is locked.

Most often, such viruses can be picked up on the Internet when browsing the sites of unscrupulous developers. When you open such a page, a trojan gets to the computer, which blocks most of the processes, and it is almost impossible to access PC resources. Everything, after that Windows is blocked, and it is necessary to make the decision.At the same time, it is impossible to get into the explorer, task manager, on the desktop and other windows of the operating system. But this situation is observed in the normal operating mode of the OS.

Preventive action

It is easier to prevent a problem than to solve it later. In this case, this statement is very relevant. By setting the appropriate parameters in the antivirus, you can avoid such infection. To do this, it is enough to install a function in it that blocks anti-phishing links. It is also recommended not to install a “naked” browser, but with certain add-ons like Adblock or Noscript. Such modules can be downloaded from the Internet and forced to install. All this should prevent possible infection and will help to avoid the unpleasant situation in which Windows is locked.

Windows XP is locked.

If it did happen

Windows 7 is locked.

At the first stage, you need another computer that is operational and connected to the Internet. Good for this purpose is suitable PC of a friend or from an Internet cafe, for example. Once the computer is found, perform the following sequence of actions using the example of the Kaspersky Lab software:

  • We determine the source of the launch of the program (a DVD drive is best suited for a computer, but on a netbook there is no alternative to a flash drive).
  • We download the anti-virus package from the Internet in the required version and only from the official developer site (for example, Windows Unlocker from Kaspersky).
  • We write the resulting image on the media. For the disc, we use third-party software (UltraISO or Nero works well). If the recording is done on a USB flash drive, then it must be formatted in FAT32 format, and installation is performed using the rescue2usb.exe utility.
  • You may also need a Windows boot disk (from which the OS can boot). We take it also in the world wide web.


The preparatory work ends there, and it is already necessary to perform manipulations with the infected PC in the following sequence:

  • When enabled, go to the BIOS and select the appropriate download source in the BOOT menu, select First Boot Device. Depending on the version and manufacturer, the menu may differ, then you need to review the documentation for the motherboard and find the necessary item there. That is, there must be a DVD-drive or flash drive.
  • Connect a USB flash drive or install a utility disk in the drive.
  • Save the changes with the F10 key (differences are possible, see the documentation again), exit the BIOS, reboot the computer.
  • After the appearance of the window with the requirement to press a key to enter the menu (maybe in English), press it. We need to act quickly, the request lasts only 10 seconds.
  • Next, select the utility interface language (Russian) and press "ENTER".
  • Then we study the license agreement and click "1" - to accept its terms.
  • In the next step, it is recommended to select the graphic mode of operation and press “ENTER” again.
  • After the download is complete, the "K" button will appear in the lower left corner. We press it and select Terminal, enter the phrase “windowsunlocker” in its line and press “Enter”.
  • In response to the request that appears, enter "1" - removing the virus and cleaning the registry.
  • After the end of the procedure, enter "0" - exit from the program and return to the desktop.
  • Repeat pressing the “K” button and select the Rescue Disk item, start cleaning the software part of the computer.
  • Go to the Check Objects tab and select all possible checkboxes below and run a full scan.
  • If a malicious object is detected, then possible actions will be suggested. Usually - remove the object, less often it is proposed to treat You need to pay attention to where this file is located.If it is in the Windows system folder or its subdirectories, then its name is better to write down, as is the path to it.
  • After the utility finishes, close all windows and reboot the system.
  • In the BIOS, install the boot from the hard disk, execute it. If everything goes fine, then the removal of the virus is complete.
  • Otherwise, you need to copy the deleted system files from the "healthy" system unit to a USB flash drive from a similar OS (it is recommended to use search, this will speed up the work). Search for missing components strictly on the list.
  • Next, do the boot from a flash drive or disk with a pre-prepared operating system (pre-set the necessary parameters in the BIOS). We copy all collected system files into the appropriate folders.
  • After copying is completed, a reboot is performed In BIOS, we change the settings to those that allow booting from the hard disk.

If after the manipulations everything was not restored, and Windows XP is blocked, then it makes sense to reinstall the operating system. This is the least favorable scenario, but in such a situation one cannot do without it. Although this usually does not reach.


In this operation, nothing complicated, it can easily be performed by anyone, even a poorly versed user. If your Windows 7 is locked, it is easier to fix the problem yourself than to carry the computer to a service center. This and the budget will save and the level of your work on a personal computer will increase.

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