World Dog Show (World Dog Championship) in 2018

Show dog show held annually. Every year, four countries-members from more than 60 countries-members of the International Cynological Federation (FCI) come to compete for the title of “Best Dog of the World”.

Terrier dog show


It was almost impossible to do so. The first World Exhibition was held in 1971 in Hungary (Budapest). About 3,500 four-legged 165 different breeds took part in it. In 1972, the show took place in Brazil. The official founding date is 1973 and the Championship in Paris. In recent years, the figure has gathered more than 20,000.

The largest number of WDS participants (over 21,000) was registered in 2009, 2011 and 2014. in Slovakia, France and Finland respectively.

Where and when will be held in 2018

The World Dog Show will be taken by a vote.

Traditionally, the event takes place in the summer. 2018 World Cup. Venue - Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Program and Awards

The Championship program includes several competitions, namely,

  • Among nurseries. This is a breeding pattern that has been previously used to meet the “Good” rating.
  • Among the manufacturers. The "children." “Good.” Well-deserved “good condition.”
  • Among couples. The race is not the same as the race.
  • Best In Show ("Best in the show"). WDS come from everywhere. The winner gets the title of "The best dog in the world." Only one of the breeds is allowed to participate. Experts, selected by the organizers.

Handling dogs in the world championship

The World Champion is the winner of the World Champion.

In addition to the competitive component, WDS includes: The event doesn’t have to be discussed. Often within the framework of the show, there are also championships, flyball, agility and others.

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How to participate

This is a solid event. If you are a WDS. For this you need to provide:

  1. The statement, indicating the nickname, the date of the birth, the gender, the color and the breed, the number of the animal. The name is the name of the owner of the dog.
  2. A copy of the pedigree (in Latin transcription) / puppy card.
  3. A copy of the receipt of payment of the participant.

Champion certificates and FCI international working certificates.

Dog in the world championship

Pre-registration is required. All participants contribute to the directory. Without animal information, the animal will not be admitted to WDS 2018.

Cost of participation

The price of participation in the WDS depends on the date of application. Naturally, the earlier, the cheaper. In 2017, the amount ranges from 80 to 120 euros (for adults) and from 40 to 60 euros (for puppies). The discount is provided - minus 10 euros, it’s not.

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