Xbox: how to play together?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
February 19, 2015
Xbox: how to play together?

Game console Xbox One or Xbox 360 - the dream of any modern child. Yes, and not only the child - many adults are also ready to sit for hours in front of the console, completing exciting quests or killing hundreds of different monsters. However, it is sometimes boring to play alone. Much more fun to play together. In this article we will tell you how to play together in the xbox, so that you can invite your friend or girlfriend to play with you.

Second device

The first thing you need to do to be able to play together is to get a second joystick or gamepad. All game consoles of this type have only one gamepad. Joysticks for xbox are both wired and wireless. Which is better to use - you decide. The process of the game is not affected. Wireless joysticks use batteries that need to be recharged regularly. So if you do not want it to turn off at the most crucial moment of the game, it is better to get a wired joystick.

Connection instructions

Connecting a wireless joystick.

  1. Turn on the console.
  2. Turn off the joystick if it is turned on by holding the Guide button in the middle of the device.
  3. On the console and on the joystick there are special connection buttons. First you need to briefly hold the button on the game console, and then, within 20 seconds, have time to press a button on the gamepad. Where this button is located is indicated in the instructions.
  4. Wait until the lights on the console stop flashing.

To connect a wired joystick, simply insert the cable from the gamepad into any of the usb connectors on the back of the device.

To the Xbox 360 console, you can simultaneously connect two to three wired gamepads, depending on the model used. For the Xbox One - only two. And to that, and to other prefix, however, it is possible to connect up to four wireless joysticks at the same time. So that the players during the game do not confuse, who controls which character and which joystick they control, each of them has its own specific light section around the Guide button when connected.

No further action is required from the user.If there is a pair game mode in the game, it will start automatically. In many games in the pair game mode, the screen will be divided into two parts: each player will see what is happening from his perspective. At first it may be unusual for you to play like this, but as you get involved in the process of the game, the second half of the screen will seem to cease to exist for you. Screen division, as a rule, occurs when playing racing and various fighting games.

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